SMFP is a Taiwan Based Flower Studio that wants to bring flowers to people's daily life. "Live with flowers, bloom like flowers" is the slogan which is also what they want people to know.


SMFP Studio has unique florists who also trade involves activities such as flower care, flower arranging, floral design, wedding decoration, merchandising, and often flower delivery.

When the company is growing, the structure should be redefined based on what they provide to their customers. When they first approached to me, they mentioned their employee number is growing which they are preparing to restructure each department. Also the way people communicate and share their resources with each other.

SMFP Studio
Branding, Consultation


One of the biggest and most famous floral studio in Taiwan was not using any software to manage the company. They want to know what they can do to first make their work more efficient, which involved shifting direct reports to a different manager, and reallocating resources to other parts of the business. Managers have too many direct reports which disturb their work time.

SMFP's branding is pretty much set for what people know. However, they are looking for a brand guidelines for their designers to use.


Pattern Changing
- Increased the daily standup rate to 95%, which make the team members know what support they can provide to each other.
- Reduced miscommunication and allowed the management team to track projects from Slack channels and Trello.
- Improved and mentored HR SOP system to help new employees to onboard.

- Created s standard branding guideline for the further designers to use.
- Refined color scheme and typography for the company image.