Evolving Structure to Serve Customers Better

SMFP, an exquisite Taiwan-based Flower Studio on a mission to infuse everyday life with the unparalleled beauty of flowers. Our vision, encapsulated in the heartfelt slogan "Live with flowers, bloom like flowers," resonates with our unwavering commitment to bring joy, warmth, and inspiration to people's lives through the enchanting language of blooms.


The essence of life lies in the little things - the delicate touch of a petal, the vibrant colors that captivate the soul, and the gentle fragrance that fills the air with serenity. They embrace the magic that flowers hold, and it is our passionate endeavor to share this enchantment with the world.

Illuminating the Path: Crafting a Cohesive Brand Identity

When SMFP sought my expertise, I embarked on a transformative journey to elevate their presence in the market. At the outset, I recognized the need to instill a strong sense of identity through a well-defined and captivating brand image. It became evident that they lacked standardized branding colors, fonts, and even a comprehensive brand guideline to align their communications cohesively.

SMFP Studio
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Growth Unveiled: Redefining Structure to Deliver Exquisite Experiences

As the petals of success continued to unfold, SMFP found itself on the precipice of growth. It was a moment to embrace change and reinvent the company's structure, ensuring its alignment with the customer-centric ethos they so passionately upheld. The increasing employee count signaled the need for a thoughtful restructuring of departments, enhancing operational efficiency while fortifying their commitment to customer delight.


Crafting a captivating color palette that reflected the vibrancy of blossoms and selecting fonts that exuded elegance, we established a coherent and resonant brand identity that would stand the test of time. A meticulously crafted brand guideline served as the North Star, ensuring that every touchpoint, from marketing materials to social media, adhered to the same distinctive visual language. The result was a remarkable transformation - a brand that now spoke with clarity and consistency, capturing the hearts of their audience and leaving a lasting impression.

Company Structure
I worked closely with the visionary leaders at SMFP to devise a dynamic and agile organizational structure that capitalized on the unique talents of each team member. By identifying core strengths and redefining roles, we fostered an environment that encouraged collaboration, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence. Simultaneously, we recognized the transformative power of effective communication and seamless resource-sharing within the organization. Facilitating open channels of dialogue and implementing collaboration tools, we wove a strong network that empowered employees to thrive collectively. The revitalized structure breathed new life into SMFP, empowering them to meet the evolving needs of their cherished customers. As each department worked harmoniously, orchestrated like a symphony of flowers, the company's ability to deliver enchanting experiences soared to new heights.


By redefining their brand identity and organizational structure, SMFP embraced the winds of change and emerged as a radiant beacon of beauty and purpose. Their unwavering dedication to "Living with flowers, blooming like flowers" remains the heart and soul of their journey, as they continue to touch lives with the mesmerizing allure of nature's artistry.