Why the future of User Experience is 3D

Why the future of User Experience is 3D
Nov 09

Why the future of User Experience is 3D

Technology is transitioning from 2D to 3D interfaces. This requires a shift in different design approaches and skills to see, think and imagine in 3D. Learn how 3D User Experience (UX) applications will change the way you do business in the present and future.

We are all living to another dimension. For example, we used to read map from the paper or book. However, majority people are using google map to find your direction. Remember the very first google map app? It was 2D. Now, the app event have Augmented Reality (AR) navigation. 

We used to play game with controllers. Now, we are using sticks to interact with all. Or you can use Extended Reality (XR) devices to play games.

Now, let’s talk about XR. Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, or Mixed Reality are the new generation of innovations:

VR can simulation and complete virtual.

AR comes with the digital element with real world.

MR directs to interact with virtual object in the real world, which like VR+AR.

As a UX designer, you should start to think from the plane to three-dimensional design.

  • Physical movement
  • Lighting
  • Sound – audio
  • Psychology
  • Flow
  • Interaction
  • Reaction
  • Content – text and image scale
  • Comfort
  • Control
  • Environment – distance
  • Smell
  • Touch

It’s all about addin the excitement, which including user behavior (physical), motion tracking (movement), and interaction (response).

I look forward to do more and learn more about new immersive technologies that help users to explore their new world.

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