The goal of this project is to add new features to an existing prototype. The VR prototype, AWE, was developed in collaboration with a CDM team and a SIAT team to guide the immersant/user to experience awe. The features we add will extend previous work done in order to enhance the VR experience especially with micro moments of wonder. To achieve this we worked with the SIAT team in order to prioritize what features might achieve our goal. Our main focus was on:

  • Visualization: Visualization is an essential element for a VR experience. It has the potential to draw more attention from the general public, leading them to experience the journey for a more awe-inspiring experience. One question that will drive our experimentation is: How can we enhance the existing visualization in the VR experience with micro moments of wonder? 
  • Audio: We will explore spatial audio. We feel there is a lot of potentials for using spacial audio in this project which have not been tried with. It is going to add more depth and sense of space using this technique

Vancouver, Canada
Production Management, UX
Design SprintPMUX

PM's Takeaway

As a project manager, I needed to ensure everyone had enough tasks to work on during the sprint. We need to admit that sometimes we couldn’t choose what we want to work on in reality. I tried to persuade a team member to work on tasks that was needed for the sprint, it wasn’t working. As the group and myself had a hard time to collaborate with the member, our supervisor Patrick helped me to talk to the member. The team needed to move on, so I gave up on persuading specific member and let the person do other works. I thought about doing one on one with the member, but based on past experience I understood that this was more about personality and attitude. The only thing that I could do at that moment was giving up since the whole team still needed to go forward, and I didn’t want to influence our team’s working environment.