Occipital introduced 3D sensor (Structure Sensor) for mobile devices and a mixed reality HMD for the iPhone that allows for 4DoF tracking called Bridge. To use Bridge to build the application, build engine has the ability to compatible with both sensor and structure core that includes hardware and software stack.

The goal of this project is to leverage the bridge headset to create an exciting new prototype. The Mixed Reality (MR) prototype will allow users to play a racing game in a scanned environment. When a user wears the bridge headset, the bridge sensor will scan the real environment and bring the data into the MR environment. Together with the Occipital Bridge headset, our goal is to prototype a MR pipeline to show one or more ways that a racing car game can be presented in different environments.

Vancouver, Canada
Project Management, UX
Design SprintPMUX


A mixed-reality race-car experience leveraging the bridge headset. Users will be able to scan an environment in the real-world and turn it into a virtual space that allows the users to race the car indoors. The user will be able to control a virtual RC car that will accurately drive around the scanned environment, hitting a series of randomly-generated checkpoints, and finally finish the game.

Bridge Workshop

User Flow

To provide instruction to the user, we divided it into two parts, “how to play” and “how to control the car”, so the user can understand how to play the game and how to use the remote control. When they finish the game, it will bring them to the “Game Over” screen that asks the user if they want to play again. If they chose to play again, it would restart the game.


To have a low-fidelity, simplified outline of using the app, we created a wireframe. We showed the layouts to our programmers first so they could start building the basic structure.


We used Sketch for making quick mockups. We chose it due to its ease of editing, optimal functionalities, cloud system for live feedback across the team and its ability to export the images directly.

The reason to have a 50% opacity grey box behind the text that is to show the camera view and clear white text at the same time. All of the text has shading that shows the contrast with the grey box and the background.

Final Demo Day


Mixed Reality (MR) project was the only MR project that we did for this term. Bridge and Structure Sensor was the first time that we tried. We brought MR into a remote control RC game. We decided to explore all the possibilities to MR environment. While we were working, we also enjoyed the processes. Because we were doing what we like and excited about all the results.