Bay Young Taiwan
Taichung, Taiwan
Logo Design, Rebranding


Introducing Bay Young Taiwan, a leading technical service company dedicated to fostering collaboration between Taiwanese businesses and international manufacturers. With a reputation for professionalism and reliability, we take pride in delivering high-quality technical services and innovative solutions. Our unwavering commitment lies in assisting clients in achieving their business objectives and finding success in the dynamic global market. Through our expertise and dedication, we act as the bridge that empowers businesses to expand their horizons and make impactful connections worldwide. Partner with Bay Young Taiwan to unlock your potential and thrive in the ever-evolving business landscape.

Challenges & Solutions

Taking on the responsibility of creating everything for Bay Young Taiwan was an exciting and rewarding journey. As the sole creator, I faced the challenge of deciphering the client's vision without any concrete guidelines. To overcome this hurdle, I proactively engaged in detailed discussions with the client, delving into their values and objectives. Drawing from my expertise and intuition, I conceptualized and redesigned the logo, opting for a vibrant and professional appearance that captured the essence of their business. Navigating the website development process with limited technical background presented its own set of obstacles. Undeterred, I embraced the opportunity to expand my skills and knowledge in web design. Taking a step-by-step approach, I patiently educated myself on the intricacies of website creation, ensuring that every aspect aligned with the client's requirements. The iterative process allowed me to refine the website until it manifested their goals flawlessly. Moreover, I took on the challenge of translating the website from Chinese to English. With meticulous attention to detail and research, I successfully conveyed the company's message to a global audience, ensuring that the content remained authentic and impactful.

Despite the challenges that come with working alone, the satisfaction of witnessing the project's transformation from conceptualization to completion made the effort truly worthwhile. By taking on various roles and responsibilities, I succeeded in delivering a cohesive and impressive brand image for Bay Young Taiwan. The revitalized logo and user-friendly website now stand as a testament to my dedication, creativity, and determination to help this outstanding company reach new heights.