The China International Import Expo (CIIE) 2018, the Expo is China’s invitation to governments, businesses, exhibitors and professional purchasers all over the world to participate in the importing of goods and services to satisfy fast growing consumer markets.

Based on the real setup from the booth, we created a Virtual Reality (VR) interactive website. Audience could see and learn what Canada pavilion presented and promoted online. 30 different organizational stakeholders between Canada and China to bring together an interactive, paperless experience to highlight “Canada Best”

Global Affairs Canada
Vancouver, Canada
Project Management


As a project manager, I led a global 6 people cross-functional team between Canada and China on topics related to the microservice, Augmented Reality app and operating systems, overcoming differences such as timezone, regulations for different countries, and cultural differences.

There were 30 different organizational stakeholders between Canada and China. I needed to make sure and confirm all the content and deadline, that we received were properly to be published and used for the general public.


In about 2 months, our team create a client happy Interactive VR website for general public from different countries. Unlike other VR website, we used panorama to showcase the real environment and interactive 3D objects to present texts, images, videos, 3D objects, and music which also procedures with applicable foreign regulations on time.